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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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right. police tell us they had the right of way but people who frequent the stores say it is an unsafe area for pedestrians. >> reporter: sky fox captured the scene today as firefighters rushed to aid a 45-year-old woman and her 5-year-old daughter, run over at stonestown mall. >> awful. you need to be very careful as a driver. >> a mother and child walking in the sidewalk. and was struck by car traveling southbound. >> reporter: it happened next to the gym at 20 and buckingham way. winds say the girl was run over -- witness say the girl was run over. the girl sustained a life- threatening injury head injury. the mother has a broken arm and is in stable condition. >> mother was conscious but there was a language barrier. i don't think they were able to get information as quickly as
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they would like to have. >> the driver is an 86-year- old woman. she was allowed to leave. police don't need to impound the vehicle because they have the evidence they need a investigate. >> she did stop and cooperating. >> reporter: there are two sloped streets at this intersection and they are not surprised by the accident. >> it is really dangerous. a lot of skateboarders come flying down, they don't stop. or bicyclists. people not looking. >> reporter: police this afternoon told us they haven't seen a lot of collision reports for this crosswalk but people here say there are more concerns because there is more foot traffic since the gym opened in 2013. >> you have been there all day long, what have you found as far as people stopping or not stopping in the crosswalk? >> reporter: i am on the corner and i have seen a couple of
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questionable crossings going on here. people on their cell phone not paying attention or drivers racing down the hill and coming to a stop just that sidewalk when they see someone -- crosswalk when they see someone. fortunately nothing too close. but we had the incident earlier today. >> i bet everyone is on their best behavior, a lot of police cars around. thank you. new developments from tunisia, gunman killed 20 people. the museum is a populate tourist destnition. it happened in the tunisia capital. tonight the search is on for two or three other attackers believed to be still at large. . >> the death toll mounts in
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tunisia after deadly tear attack, biz -- terror attacks. one survivor recounts her experience. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we waited for one hour, sitting on the floor without moving. at that point they said you must run. you must run. get out of here fast. >> reporter: leaders are speaking out and standing in solidarity with the tunisiaen people along with their own citizens. . [ speaking foreign language ] >> unfortunately -- >> reporter: two cruise ships were in the port when the attack took place. some passengers are believed to have been caught up in the violence. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: h we sent our strong support to the government that they may come out of this with determination
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and strength. the president is vowing to find and punish the perpetrators. [ speaking foreign language ] >> tunisia must stand strong and wipe them out. >> reporter: there is no word as to who is responsible for the attack but there is speculation it could be linked to isis. they estimate between 3-4,000 to anesians went to fight with isis and other groups. fox news. nicknamed the committee of two. governor jerry brown and university of california president janet napolitano took over the debate about whether tuition should go up for students and today we were supposed to get their solutions. ktvu's rob roth was at the meeting. what happened? >> reporter: well, the report from the so-called mitty of two was highly anticipated but no -- committee of two was highly accepted but nothing came out
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of it. >> they met face to face twice since january. the committee of two. >> it works very well. we haven't had any tie votes yet. >> reporter: brown wants the university ebb university it cut through and not go through with a tuition hike. janet napolitano is committed to maintaining the quality. >> we know change is in the air and we have to move forward. >> reporter: governor jerry brown wants the university to spend less, offering three year degrees instead of four. >> online. ap courses. >> reporter: they agreed to meet after they authorized tuition increases, brown threatened if it happened he would with hold $120 million in
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state funds. >> i am the one who has to say no and i will when i have to. >> reporter: students were disappointed by the lack of specifics. [ indiscernible ] >> reversal on the tuition rise. >> middle class families are being effected the most. we don't know -- they can't predict how much they will be paying. we can't predict it. it would have been great if it was presented but it wasn't. >> reporter: some students held a protest this morning but there were no arrests. the committee of two will meet again in april. >> rob, the bottom line is at this point students don't know whether tuition will go up? >> reporter: that's right. everybody is in a limbo, a holding pattern. they hope to know more in may or over the summer. right now no one knows what is going to happen.
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>> rob roth, thank you. we know the name of a woman shot and killed yesterday by police officers in san francisco. the memorial was in place today where 24-year-old alice brown died. it started at a gas station. she was behind the wheel of a stolen car. when officers approached her she took off and tried to run down the officers and hit several parked cars and drove on the sidewalk and tried for a sec time run over the -- second time to return over the officers and that is when they opened fire. here is the police radio call. [ indiscernible ] >> incredibly no innocent bystanders were hurt. they are planning to hold a town hall meeting to talk about what happened. also in san francisco, former police officer edmond robles was sentenced on
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corruption charges. ian furminger has already been sentence. a third officer struck a plea deal and hasn't been sentenced yet. records set off the texting scandal last week waving racist and homophobic texts -- involving racist and homophobic texts between officers. hundreds of cases may have to be reviewed. a new treat for giants fans. this year's set up is just the beginning. the yard. it will sit across from the cove in parking lot a at at&t park. we assigned ktvu's mike f to give us -- mike mibach to give us a look. rough day at the office. >> reporter: rough day. >> reporter: very inviting. a place i could see myself hanging out pre-game and post game, especially after a giants win. the cool thing is, the best thing, we have been hanging out on the other side of the park, it has to be the location,
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parking lot a, this is definitely a permanent tailgate home for fans with the perfect view looking into the ballpark. >> reporter: the yard at mission rock. a few final welds for this village filled with retail, coffee, good grub and biergarten under the lights with 24 tap handles. >> this is the first time we will show case all of our beers in one place. >> reporter: a coffee shot. an old container ship. 13 containers are being used. this bus will serve wine and a farmers market on sunday. and it is all an appetizer for much more to come. >> residential units. afford housing. >> the yard is the first application to creating the
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mission rock neighborhood outside the park. >> a place where you can stroll before or after a game and just in a great environment that is a neighborhood, seems like 24th street or chestnut street, san francisco neighborhood. >> reporter: open year round the yard is here. a new story on the other side of the park is about to begin. >> they needed something down here. it was isolated. >> a lot of projects going up around the city. ing? as creative as the yard is. >> reporter: he says that mission rock neighborhood is going to have a six acre park. as for the yard right here, the official opening is set for friday at noon. >> mike, i know you grew up in the city, think back 15 years ago, that is not a place you would want to be on your own sometimes. >> reporter: definitely not. used to come down here, down in
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the 1980s, telling people this, a lot of homeless, warehouses were run down. reminded him of the '19s. here we was announcing the yards -- 1990s, here he was announcing the yard. how far san francisco has come regarding development and the giants. >> thank you. a traffic accident in concord killed one person and left another injured. it happened before 11:00 a.m. this morning on concord boulevard. investigators say a car that was headed towards dound collided with another vehicle that was making a left turn. concord boulevard was closed in both directions. all lanes were expected to be opened after 5:00 p.m. in san francisco the serial tagger was arraigned today on
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30 counts of vandalism. he is responsible for spray painting graffiti all over the city. the judge released him with stipulations he can't possess anything used in painting draft. painting-- graffiti. >> anytime you have a case, especially vandalism, results in thousands of dollars of damage, we need to be able to charge it appropriately. >> he was arrested last week. he used the handle chris, which returns to crystal methamphetamines. protected while life stuffed and kept in a apartment. how a woman from the south bay came to own the illegal collection. >> did turf field cause this young soccer player's cancer? she speaks out. . >> not the only player this happened to. >> a new development today that
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could effect the deals. >> after the break, more warm weather in store for the area. the bump in temperatures in the forecast.
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the two best teams in the nba will take the court a couple hours from now. the warriors against the atlanta hawks. ktvu's joe fonzi is outside oracle arena. joe, both teams will be playing without key players? >> reporter: you said it. it is quiet up here right now but in a short time it will be bustling. exciting one here. the two best teams in the nba are playing, the hawks against the warriors. neither playing at full strength. on sunday in los angeles, one of the hawks runs into the
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shoulder of ed davis. he suffered a broken nose and he will not be in tonight's game. and then the lakers were playing the warriors and klay thompson rolled his ankle. he continued in that game but he is now suffering from a sprained ankle. he could be out a week. both teams, couple top scorers will not be in action tonight. that was topic of conversation today where steph curry and others said you have to step it up. >> got to be extra aggressive. you know, he produces every night so other guys got to step up. the offense stays the same. just have to pick up the low that -- that he brings every night. >> reporter: here is what is at
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stake tonight. not only are the two teams with the best record in the nba meeting, say they met in the finals, home court advantage will be determined by the best regular season record. the warriors have a half game lead over the hawks. plenty at stake tonight. expected to be an exciting ball game. we will see you in sports with more. back to you. >> joe fonzi in oakland tonight, thank you. tonight we are getting a look at new artist renderings at the warriors future arena. this shows the arena, south of peer 52 from the street view. the plaza outside and even hints of the possible food offerings. before this they only released aerial views. it will open for the 2018 season. >> hate to see them leave oakland. can you imagine, at&t park, and
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next to that oracle arena -- >> we grew upenders here, that -- grew up around here -- [ talking at the same time ] >> mission rock was there and the ramp. one thing you notice, when you drive into san francisco, across the bay bridge, count the number of cranes -- [ talking at the same time ] >> south of market side and other side. more building than i have ever seen. the fastest growth in san francisco, downtown, 35, 40 years. outside right now. we have clouds to talk about. high clouds. no fog. live camera shot. golden gate bridge. south tower. hazy. if you were outside today you thought, it feels like spring. spring starts on friday. yes, this is a spring like weather pattern. this is a cool image. you see the jet stream here. you see one system here. two systems there.
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a third system -- three systems. all their energy is receding to the north. we are going to deal with more of the same. very mild to warm temperatures. maybe patchy coastal fog. we had spots of it this morning. might see more again tomorrow morning. 74 concord. 74 walnut creek. tomorrow morning, 47 fairfield. over night low. maybe patchy valley fog. you will see a little patchy coastal fog. fog tomorrow. right? coastal. 6:00 a.m. this is thursday forecast. temperatures. oranges are 80s. 80s. enough of them. i think we will see a lot. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. tomorrow a lot of 70s. low 80s. computer model, thursday, thursday afternoon, everything stays to the north. there is a real weather system
5:20 pm
on friday, brings us clouds on saturday. we put a chance in there on the weekend but you saw, it is how it is going to go. highs, five-day forecast, stays on the mild side. tomorrow is the warmest day. patchy coastal fog. chance on saturday. buzzed through that real quick. there is the five-day forecast. five-day forecast is dry. nothing there. i tell you what, you look at -- my parents grew up -- going in and out of the city my whole life, remember the old building, smell of coffee, the number of cranes, there must be 25 cranes. south of market and in town. i can't think of a time we have seen this much growth in san francisco. >> a new neighborhood -- [ talking at the same time ] >> another city. fascinating. >> i think of how the sky line changed. when -- [ talking at the same
5:21 pm
time ] >> you would see -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. help for students dealing with the cost of tuition. the push today that could make pavements more affordable. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, outrageous, not in line with christian teaching, dousing the homeless with water while they seek refuge in san francisco, what the church is saying about the practice. new figures show a slow down for home sales, why how -- by how much and what is driving that trend. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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robert durst was moved to a state prison with a mental health unit because he is considered a suicide risk. he is in custody in louisiana, waiting on a transfer to los angeles to face murder charges. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will look into his connection to the disappearance of a bay area teen 18 years ago. three young children are dead and their sister and mother wounded after a horrible stabbing in north carolina. all happened last night in new burn near the coast. the children were one, five, and 12. the mother and daughter have been treated and released from the hospital. police arrested an 18-year-old
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neighbor. both victims and the suspect are from burma and a language barrier is effecting the investigation and they haven't been able to establish a motive. reelection of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is forcing the obama administration to rethink its strategy. the white house is committed to finding a solution to the conflict. but just before the election israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he opposes a palestinian state. he is expected to form a new government quickly. many say they are alarmed by his reversal of support for a palestinian state. democrats proposed a bill aimed at helping college students and graduates refinance their student loans. democrats reintroduced the bank on student emergency loan refinancing act. the bill would allow students who are carrying high interest loans to refinance at lower rates. college students and grads are
5:26 pm
carrying $1.2 trillion of student debt and that is making it difficult to buy homes and start families. it had bipartisan support into the last congress. >> this is having a negative impact on every aspect of our economy. >> if passed students with high interest loans would have their debt refinanced through the department of education. the rate would be 3.8%, for grads, 5.4%. banning rubber fields, the new development. >> and a first look at a new way to test for a disease on the rise in san francisco and why it is a big deal. >> a competition between neighbors to use less and less water on your yards.
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tonight 2 investigates uncovers a eye sore 20 years in the making. people who live and work at the old naval base contacted ktvu's eric rasmussen about a number of vacant town homes that are dangerous. 2 investigates looked into the complaints and things started happing. -- happening.
5:30 pm
residents say what the city has done is too little too late. >> reporter: we can tell you the city just put up this fence. that least it keeps kids and people from getting too close to the buildings. talking to neighbors, they just want to see the buildings torn down. when the navy moved out, the buildings became city property. but those in charge of redeveloping the area say bridging in private development has been difficult. neighbors watched the buildings fall apart to the point they worry they are a danger to the community. >> hazardous to the children. people prostituting there. use drugs. >> mind-boggling how they managed to let these places go for so long. and it gets worse. as time goes on. >> reporter: the city says it
5:31 pm
spent half a million dollars to tear down 12 buildings but it is counting on private development to make over the rest of the area. we did get a chance to speak to the person in charge of the push to redevelop this part, hear what she had to say and see the action that happened since 2 investigates got involved. that coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> look forward to that. thank you. eric rasmussen, thank you. doctors at san francisco general hospital showed off a new test that is aimed at shortening the time patients have to wait to find out if they have tuberculous. the new tests looks for material from the virus and shortens the waiting time dramatically. >> instead of waiting for weeks for tb to grow to identify it
5:32 pm
we can identify tuberculous very quickly within several hours. >> the number of cases is rising much 170 in 2013, 117 last year. it is the first hospital in california to use the new test. bill calling for new studies examining the safety of fields made from recycled tires gained approval today. it is the latest twist in an investigation we have been following. in december ktvu's melanie woodrow looked into health concerns. her investigation was featured on the doctor ozshow today and tonight -- dr. oz show and tonight we are hearing from a family who says the issue hits close to home. melanie woodrow now with the story. >> reporter: this is a family that wonders whether or not a soccer field made from recycled tires caused their daughter's cancer. he practiced on the same field
5:33 pm
her entire life. tonight she is closer to potentially knowing whether her love for soccer may have hurt her. >> she knows what it feels like to be the last line of defense. >> constant adrenaline. >> reporter: she was defenseless to their greatest opponent off the field. at 15 years old doctors discovered she had thyroid cancer. >> pretty hard. especially when you had to tell her. >> i cried. >> reporter: thyroid cancer. a mystery to her mom. a nurse who says she nev lost hope. till one day when a phone -- never lost hope. till one day when a phone call provided a clue. she was compiling a list of athletes with cancer. mostly soccer players. nearly all goal keepers.
5:34 pm
>> wow! i am not the only person this happened to. >> reporter: they all had one thing in common. they all played on turf fields made from recycled tires. >> since i have 7 years old. >> reporter: with each dive, each goal, she says she swallowed the turf. she estimates a she played a thousand games -- estimates she played a thousand games. calling for new research of the turf. it passed committee 5-0. >> parents are faced with fear, lack of knowledge. >> i haven't been able to find a cancer risk. >> no scientific study linked crum rubber to cancer but the studies only looked at a few fields and no study looked at
5:35 pm
chronic ingestion. >> this concerns me a lot. the connections that are made between cancer and this turf. >> the show invited ktvu fox 2 news to talk -- [ indiscernible ] >> there is something that is called the gold keeper's curse. >> reporter: she found success off the soccer field. she is heading to southern oregon university. cancer free for one year. >> that is like the mark of, like, relief. >> despite all she has been through, if she had to do it all over again she would still play soccer. >> i met life time friends and families. [ indiscernible ] >> i don't regret it for a second. >> if the bill passes the office of environmental health hazard will have two years to conduct this new study. no new construction of fields would be allowed by schools or
5:36 pm
local governments unless contractors provided estimate of one other tire alternative and unless they held a public meeting. >> for parents who have kids who are playing, what should they think? >> reporter: more research is needed and that is what this bill would do. it would provide new studies. what it wouldn't do is change the fields that is already under construction. you remember it was hotly debated, construction on those fields would continue but there is always room for amendments. all of this could change based on the result of the study but it could be a couple years before we know whether there is a link between cancer and these fields. >> melanie woodrow, thank you. a fraternity that has been
5:37 pm
under scrutiny since members were seen singing a racist chant will require all members nationwide to go through diversity training. the director of sigma alpha epsilon says he was disgusted by the video that surfaced last week from the university of oklahoma chapter. he apologized for the pain it caused and outlined steps they are taking. >> we are doing this not to repair a reputation but because it is the right thing to do. >> sigma alpha epsilon needs to establish a confidential hot line to gather reports of inappropriate behavior and create a national advisory committee on diversity. the school expelled two students. you heard there is no middle class in san francisco anymore. a study appears to back that up. how far apart those at the top and bottom of the wealth scale are and the only u.s. city
5:38 pm
where the inequality is worse. a company helping the environment is putting people with autism to work. why the company calls them the best employees they ever had. three people killed, four injured in a shooting at northern california store. the latest on the investigation as witnesses describe what happened. the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models.
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in san francisco a fire in an alley next to a hotel in union square forced guests out of their beds. firefighters got the call about 1:30 a.m. this morning. the alley is next to the park hotel. guests were evacuated, but firefighters had it under control in 30 minutes. there wasn't much damage but the smell permeated the building. the fire may have been started by homeless people. three people dead and four others injured in a gang shooting in stockton. the latest on the investigation. >> you shot bunch of innocent people. that is like beating up an old man. >> some people are angry. some are sad. many are shocked. >> when you know these people and you know they didn't do
5:42 pm
anything. >> reporter: 7 people shot outside madison market in stockton last night. three people died. including these two mothers. and a 23-year-old man who was standing here when someone opened fire. >> sounded like a war zone. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: today memorial sits. the shooting may have been gang related. >> i don't appreciate it. >> reporter: this man says the victims had nothing to do with gangs. but says the suspects are another story. >> they shot a bunch of innocent people. you fake gangsters. i know who you is. you better turn yourselves in. it will be ugly. >> reporter: she is friends with the people who were shot and says now some children will grow up without a mother. >> they have loved ones. we don't bring our kids out on the streets because there is things like that that happens. >> for what?
5:43 pm
senseless. that is all i can say. i am hurt to the core of my heart. i don't know. gunman in custody in arizona after a shooting that left one dead and five injured. the first person was shot after a argument, and the suspect shot two women and a man, carjacked a honda and shot two more people. a s.w.a.t. team finally tracked him down and used a stun gun. they are still trying to determine a motive. the secret service is waiting for test results on a envelope that contained cyanide. letters first go to an off site mail sorting facility and that is where the letter was identified. it tested positive for cyanide. this isn't the first time they dealt with this kind of threat.
5:44 pm
in 2013, letters laced with ryan is were sent -- ricin were sent. a look at the dozens of stuffed animals found in her small apartment and why she says she didn't know what she was doing was illegal. >> the latest landscaping, the new technologies and plants we found ask how they can help you save water. >> tracking warm weather. warmed up today. you will notice it again tomorrow into tomorrow. the warmest day of the week. we will have the highs after the break. female announcer: right now at sleep train get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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a really nice story of a company in denver that is hiring people with autism. blue star recyclers has 10 autistic workers and the repetitive work seems to fit nicely for them. the owner says they are hard workers who don't call in sick and who like their jobs. >> sometimes a challenge on locating jobs that hire -- that -- somebody like me -- >> my goal is to get my own place and keep working and try to live life more. >> the program has been such a success they are offering paid internships and the autistic employees are the best workers
5:48 pm
he ever had. the flower and garden show with a focus on what we do as we go into a fourth year of severe drought. ktvu's tom vacar went and tells us it is all about saving water. >> garden, after garden, after garden, competing to use the least amount of water. included in the display, a rain water and home drain water catch system that could be reused on the lawn and garden. >> washing machine water, bath room sink water. shower water. for every inch you can collect 600 gallons of water. >> this is designed in order to collect rain water and store it through the winter and have it be available during the summer. >> because the drives force sheer the fact the -- here is the fact the drought isn't
5:49 pm
getting better, you will see new plants, new technologies and experts galore. >> so many wonderful plants and many that come into the market every year. >> reporter: this is a great place to sort out alternatives. >> the whole idea is you are educating people who may not be aware of what they can do. >> looking at potentially putting more succulents in. looks so pretty. we wanted to get ideas. >> i have not planted a vegetable garden for two years. >> reporter: other are looking to improve on their successes. >> we do a very deep digging technique which creates healthier plants that don't need as much water. >> reporter: why tail welcome new regulations -- while they welcome new regulations -- [
5:50 pm
indiscernible ] >> too many californians are not doing their part. >> a lot of people are in denial and it is not their problem. >> the show run laws to sunday. tom vacar -- runs through sunday. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> people letting their lawns go, i was out over the weekend and i said dad, what is up with the lan, he said we decided to let it go. >> here is the best thing about the drought, this is what we are supposed to do. this is california. we know it is a drought climate. it could be 10 years, there have been 30 year droughts. before we got here, this someplace all about, sometimes we get water, sometimes we don't get any water. in australia they had a similar problem, and they came up with drought plants like we are doing now. the best thing about this is we
5:51 pm
are going what can we do? maybe we truck water. put in gravel gardens. maybe all the things you heard are probably things that we are going to have to adhere to. this is a turning point in california's history. in the history of the state, this drought is a turning point. we are going to start to step up and do what we have to do to conserve water. no more turning the faucet on and not thinking about it. we remember thinking about the drought in the 1970s. it is changing. it is changing. it has to change. maybe it is the wake up call we need. subject close to my heart. 74 walnut creek. highs tomorrow are going to be warmer than today. tomorrow warmest day of the week. coastal fog. you saw it here. tomorrow we will see
5:52 pm
temperatures -- oranges are 80s. warmest day of the week tomorrow. temperatures trend down a little bit friday and saturday. there is san francisco tomorrow. 69 for a high. oakland tomorrow, downtown, warm, 72 downtown oakland. the buildings there, warmer than that. feels warmer. will be. 72 in oakland. you will feel like 77 degrees downtown on the street level. san jose same thing. 74 degrees at the airport. 78, maybe 80 degrees downtown. the highs tomorrow, warmer than today. couple low 80s. you know, gilroy, 80 degrees. livermore, clayton, wouldn't be hard to get up to 80s degrees. anyway, yeah. that is the deal. this is how it will go.
5:53 pm
>> has you thinking about what you can do to conserve water. >> thank you. >> busted with a stuffed doll that is a predicted species but that is not all investigators found. why a woman was breaking a law without knowing it. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a child who went missing last night is found within hours. the website that helped find her and why it is called a neighborhood watch. and the nfl player who was sharing promising news today about his daughter's battle against cancer. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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a woman was breaking the law and didn't know it. she must pay $3,600 and serve 300 hours of community service after they found tex dermied animals inside her home. ktvu fox 2 news azenith smith found out, it is a big misunderstanding. . >> i say you like the shoes? i like the animals. >> reporter: she loves animals. as soon as you walk into her home, it is fulled of stuffed animals. bizarre for some but not to her. >> i love it. i know -- i know nothing bad
5:57 pm
because i not kill these animals. >> reporter: she started 9-1/2 years ago. all the animals she bought off ebay. problem is, some are illegal to own in california. >> we have everything here. >> reporter: last year fish and wildlife got a tip she tried to by protected species online. >> the person is intentionally going out and killing these animal or supporting the killings of the animals. >> reporter: she didn't know it was illegal. >> i never have a problem in my life. i need work every day, find the money. i need work. >> reporter: she is hoping others will learn from her mistake as she no longer plans to buy animals and she wants
5:58 pm
the online sales service to better regulate what is legal and what is not. >> why you not pull the rules? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we ebay and they told us they provide information to all users about the various laws related to sales of animal and wildlife parts and that includes links to information on california federal and international law. there is a new review on wealth description that ranks san francisco as the second most unequal city in the country. atlanta takes the number one spot. the wealthy there make 19 times more than the poor. in second place is san francisco. 17-1. boston and miami came in third and fourth. on the flip side, virginia beach is the most equal, 6-1.
5:59 pm
followed by colorado springs, mesa, arizona, and oklahoma city. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> called outrageous. st. mary's in san francisco using a system to poor water on the homeless who seek shelter. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> that left people stunned and outraged when they heard about it. ktvu's john sasaki is live in the city now. >> reporter: that was happening till today. officials here that church say they were using water from these drains to deter the homeless, not douse them. >> reporter: st. marys in san francisco is a beacon of home for the faithful and the needy. something the church was doing
6:00 pm
has people aghast. >> i wonder what pope francis would say if he heard what they are saying and what the church doing -- church is doing. . >> reporter: the church has been battling the homeless. >> we are having more and more feces and needles and dangerous items. regularly being left. >> two years ago a sprinkler system was installed. each night water would go on for a minute or more. >> to hopefully move the homeless out. >> leaders just wanted to keep homeless people from sleeping there. not douse them. >> it had an opposite effect from what it was intended to do. and for that we are very sorry and apologize. >> reporter: hours after


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